The Unlearning Project

We live in perilous times. Challenges face us at a global level that can seem too huge and complex to address. They have correlates and consequences at the local and personal level that can sap our energy to imagine the world differently.

And yet that is what we have to do: imagine that things can be different and act upon it.

We recognise that in education as well as in other fields there is a lot we have to unlearn in order to truly imagine the world differently. 

This project will focus on acts of involved and informed imagination.

We want to do three things:

To think with the crises and opportunities that face us. To consider how we got here, how we live now and what future we are enacting. 

To act here and now. What we do and how we live each day builds that future and puts that thinking and imagination into action. 

To connect to a wider community with whom to share that thinking, doing and unlearning. 

The project will initially be built around a series of podcasts and interviews but we hope and expect it to expand into different forms and media from there.

Podcast 1: Punk!

This first podcast is a discussion about the ways the ethos of punk as a movement informs Punk Ethnography.

The discussion is about 25 minutes long.

The recommendations made are:

Stewart, F. and Way, L. (eds) (forthcoming) Punk Pedagogies in Practice: Disruptions and Connections. Bristol: Intellect.

David Beer, Punk Sociology, available here.

Tracey Thorn, Bedsit Disco Queen, linked here on her website.

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