The Unlearning Project

We live in perilous times. Challenges face us at a global level that can seem too challenging and complex to address. They have correlates and consequences at the local and personal level that can sap our energy to imagine the world differently.

And yet that is what we have to do: imagine that our society can be different: inclusive, participatory, democratic, based on principles of mutual aid and shared responsibility. This requires engaging in radically alternative direct actions in the present, but also unlearning some of the principles and practices we take for granted.

In this project we focus on a wide range of interdisciplinary personal and collective imaginative actions.

We want to do three things:

To think with the crises and opportunities that face us. To consider how we got here, how we live now and what future we are enacting. 

To act here and now. What we do and how we live each day builds that future and puts that thinking and imagination into action. 

To connect to a wider community with whom to share that thinking, doing and unlearning. 

Explore further:

The first podcast is a discussion about the ways the ethos of punk as a movement informs Punk Ethnography and unlearning. The podcast is linked here.

The second podcast features an interview with Thais Hvid. Thais is a professional dance and movement coach and choreographer. We discuss the application and elucidation of the idea of unlearning in the context of dance and movement, the role of the teacher and draw out ideas applicable to education and life more broadly. The podcast is linked here.