What is Punk Ethnography?

An overview

Punk Ethnography provides a conceptual framework as well as practical guidelines for researchers and practitioners who wish to engage in imaginative, collaborative actions and are concerned with social change. Punk Ethnography thus foregrounds small-scale, action-oriented and creative collaborations, to imagine alternative futures starting from the present. It is driven by the punk ethos and anarchist organisational structures (i.e. the anarcho-syndicate), and guided by principles of solidarity, mutual aid, and relationality. Punk Ethnography builds further on the ethnographic tradition by expanding the scope for ethnographic work that does not start from a set agenda, an envisaged outcome or a problem that needs solving. 

PE is conceptually organised around three components: the creation of an anarcho-syndicate;  the punk ethos as a guide for research and practice; crossing the boundaries of institutions and expert fields to allow for creative and imaginative collaborations. Read more about the conceptual grounding of Punk Ethnography here.

The ideas, concepts, actions and projects discussed here are underpinned by the ten principles of our manifesto.

This website offers a platform and sharing space for wide-ranging, interdisciplinary ideas, concepts, projects and actions inspired by Punk Ethnography. We invite you to explore, Do-It-Yourself and experiment with the Punk Ethnographic principles and practices, and take them in different directions.   

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