The Unlearning Project

We live in perilous times. Challenges face us at a global level that can seem too challenging and complex to address. They have correlates and consequences at the local and personal level that can sap our energy to imagine the world differently.

And yet that is what we have to do: imagine that our society can be different: inclusive, participatory, democratic, based on principles of mutual aid and shared responsibility. This requires engaging in radically alternative direct actions in the present, but also unlearning some of the principles and practices we take for granted.

In this project we focus on a wide range of interdisciplinary personal and collective imaginative actions.

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Human Technologies at ICHK

International College Hong Kong, in the northeast of the New Territories of Hong Kong.

At International College Hong Kong (ICHK), an international secondary school in the north of Hong Kong, a group of teachers, educators and researchers has formed to work with Human Technologies as a curriculum lens and a way to imagine an alternative kind of education. The stimulus of Punk Ethnography as a futures forming practice has been significant as a dynamic for development. A range of flexible but structured groups has met to discuss and work on the curriculum- looking not just at content and pedagogy but on the role of teachers and how they can be enabled to live and share the Human Technologies approach. Partnerships have formed to share teaching ideas, develop resources and challenge the philosophical approaches that inform practice.